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welcome to the soul
of the wounded healer

Is Compassion Fatigue getting the best of you? 

Are you a Caregiver?

Caregivers experience Compassion Fatigue because they Care.


Caring is what we caregivers do. Ever vigilant, always concerned, and sometimes just worn out.  Exploring how to maintain compassion resilience is what can be accomplished for personal and professional growth. Welcome to my website where it will be possible to explore your journey of caregiving.    The mystery of caregiving invites  you to become a better person through  acts of caregiving. 


Surprisingly, you have or will discover that the one in need becomes the caregiver to you. Because you care, you will experience compassion fatigue. How do you maintain compassion resilience when confronted with traumatic events?  

 Soul goes deeper to reveal not only what motivates you, but what sustains you as a caregiver. You recognize that you are one with amazing gifts and yet one with limitations. You discover that you are a wounded healer. 

 As a wounded healer you enter the arena of healing as one who is also in need of healing. 

  1. And the miracle is that in serving, slowly and with reflection, leading with insight, confidence, and heart, you discover that you are  transformed and renewed.       

We are all Caregivers


Caregiving is an heroic adventure, indeed a spiritual practice in the greatest sense of the word as your values dictate your response to those in need.  Rediscover the values that motivate and empower you.

My approach to caregiving is broad as are my experiences  of caregiving that is gleaned from over 40 years in the  healing profession and being taught from those I  serve. 


In a way we are all caregivers, spouses who care for each other, parents who care for their children, or the adult child who cares for a parent

healthcare professionals who care for those they serve,

 the military and veterans who care enough to provide us with protection and safety. first responders whose selfless dedication put their lives on the line.       

Living out your interior values


  Important Questions to consider:

   What, in your service to others, excites you and gives you joy?

Is there a gap between your experiences and what you imagine for yourself?

Are you now experiencing symptoms that may lead to compassion fatigue ,  secondary stress disorder and burnout?

All caregivers experience compassion fatigue because they care. Learning  compassion resilience helps keep caregivers  healthy and  life-giving. 

Are you conscious of your strengths that support and nourish you?   Is your service a source of personal and professional growth?

Self-care is essential for caregivers. Have you ever experienced  yourself feeling selfish because you do? 



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The most skillful caregivers are those who have learned from their experiences.

Don't let fear of who you really are and can become

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